Fogg Filler Company

3455 John F. Donnelly Drive
Holland, MI 49424

P: (616) 786-3644
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About Fogg Filler Company

Fogg is a world leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling, rinsing, capping and enclosure systems for free flowing and viscous liquids. They endeavor to combine skilled craftsmen with innovative management to offer their customers a quality team known for outstanding machinery and service worldwide. Fogg will engineer your system specifically to meet your production requirements – with contoured stainless steel filler bowls up to 9 ft diameter, 90 filling valves, integrated rinser and/or capping systems, machine guarding with HEPA filtration. Fogg offers Gravity and Pressure Gravity filling with speeds and neck handling technology to assure optimum production rates. Tribloc rinser, filler and capper configurations with enclosure options. Please come to booth S-1718 to see a Fogg filler. We will be displaying a filler with 30 filling valves and 8 capping heads. It is equipped with dairy valves, a standard capper, and single tier guarding. To keep sanitation levels at their best, some extra features it has are the base flush, Sanibar®, and CIP trough. Fogg will also be displaying a stand alone capper with Safety and Sanitation Guarding will be on display. This is a 7 head, Cap In Head capper designed to cap a 63mm cap onto at 24 oz. and 48 oz. bottle. This capper also has a steam box and an anti-spin belt. Coupled with the Cap In Head Capper will be a VSE-18 cap sorter. The VSE-18 is Fogg’s economical solution for sorting up to 900 caps per minute, depending on cap size and type. It can sort caps 24mm – 60mm, sport and flat caps. It boasts of an innovative system of cleats that allow a quick changeover from flat to sport caps. This can be a great upgrade to almost any line. Customers are demanding greater sanitation. To address this need, Fogg has designed and manufactured a High Intensity Microb-Blaster® which will be on display for you. It uses UV light to sanitize caps with a 1 – 6 log reduction of micro-organisms depending on the customer’s requirements. It is dry (no chemical residue), has low operating costs, and able to retrofit to nearly any line. In addition to the cap sanitizer, Fogg will be displaying their a bottle sanitizer. The Microb-Blaster® for bottles has been designed to replace the air in the bottles with class 100 HEPA air while sanitizing the exposed surfaces of the bottles from a .5 – 4 log reduction. This design is able to sanitize bottles at speeds up to 800 per minute. There are no chemicals or chemical residue, low operating costs, and can be retrofitted to nearly any line. Please stop by Fogg’s booth S-1718 and learn how you can gain that competitive edge you have been looking for.
Product Categories (6)
  • CAPPING, OVER-CAPPING, LIDDING MACHINES (Uses A Closure) > Screw Capping Machine
  • CLEANING, STERILIZING, COOLING AND DRYING MACHINES > Sterilizer Machine - Batch or Continuous
  • CLEANING, STERILIZING, COOLING AND DRYING MACHINES > Washing / Rinsing / Cleaning Machines (Bottle / Crate / Part)
  • FEEDING MACHINES > Sorting / Counting Feeding Machine
  • FILLING AND CLOSING MACHINES > Bottle / Jar Filling and Capping Machine
Sustainable Solution Description
To make the rinser’s even more sustainable Fogg has designed a Rinse Recovery unit that reclaims the fluid from your rinser, filters it, and reuses it time and time again. Typical fluid savings after installing it is 96-98.5%! Fogg has also designed light technology that kills up to 99.999% of all potentially harmful organisms found on your bottles and caps. There are no chemicals needed making it more cost effective and better for the environment.

Vertical Markets (5)
  • Beverage
  • Chemical Household
  • Cosmetics/Toiletries
  • Dairy
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device