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Upper Lakeside Center - E-7835

12701 South Ridgeway Ave.
Alsip, IL 60803
United States

P: (708) 293-7750
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About Daubert Cromwell

Daubert Cromwell is the leading manufacturer of volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging. Daubert Cromwell’s full protective packaging line of VCI films, bags, Kraft papers, emitter devices, and liquids have been keeping metals rust-free during storage and shipment for over 80 years. With operations in the US, Europe, Mexico and China, Daubert Cromwell is uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of global customers and coordinating packaging requirements of multi-national OEMs. Daubert Cromwell’s expert corrosion management team is committed to protecting your valuable metal parts and equipment. Through proven quality and years of exemplary service, Daubert Cromwell has earned its reputation as “The Leading Name in Corrosion Prevention®.”

Product Categories (10)
  • PACKAGING COMPONENTS > Pallet Components (Pallets, Bottom Sheets, Top Sheets, Slip Sheets)
  • PACKAGING CONTAINERS > Bag / Pouch - Reclosable - Bag / Pouch
  • PACKAGING CONTAINERS > Protective Packaging
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL > Film - Bio / Eco-Polymer Films
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL > Film - Converted - Shrink Film
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL > Film - Converted - Stretch Film
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL > Film - Polyethylene (PE) Film
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL > Paper / Paperboard
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL > Paper / Paperboard - Kraft Paperboard
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL > Paper / Paperboard - Specialty Paper
Sustainable Solution Description
Daubert Cromwell helps reduce industrial impact on the environment by providing VCI packaging materials that extend the life of metal parts and equipment. Corrosion-removing liquids enable the recycling and reuse of rusted materials, and complying with key regulations and directives that affect global customers, including REACH and RoHS, assure the use of safe and environmentally friendly products such as nitrosamine-free VCI papers, bags and films which are recyclable and reusable.

In-Booth Education (1)
Protecting Valuable Parts Against Rust
Category: In-Booth Education
Date: Nov. 6 -- 9:00 am
Protecting valuable metal parts against rust takes technical knowledge and application expertise

- Learn how VCI Packaging works at Daubert Cromwell booth E-7835 Sun Nov 6th - Wedn Nov 9th
- Hear experts teach proper use of corrosion inhibitor packaging paper, poly films, and rust preventive
- Pick up a free poster, "VCI Packaging Guidelines", for your plant - available in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese
- See why Daubert Cromwell is 'The Leading Name in Corrosion Prevention'
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Free Posters at Daubert Cromwell Booth E-7835 , Daubert Cromwell

Free Posters at Daubert Cromwell Booth E-7835

Category: Free Gift

For a free poster showing proper use of corrosion inhibitor VCI packaging for metals stop by the booth or call 800-535-3535, info@dabuertcromwell.com.

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New Products (1)
Award-Winning Rust Remover Evapo-Rust® Available from Daubert Cromwell, Daubert Cromwell

Award-Winning Rust Remover Evapo-Rust® Available from Daubert Cromwell (Green Product)


Evapo-Rust® rust remover - a non-toxic, water-based, biodegradable liquid that is safe for the environment Removes surface rust in 20 mins - 24 hrs without scrubbing No need for blasting, grinding or using harsh caustics and chemicals Neutral pH formulation bonds and removes rust, yet doesn’t affect metal compositions Reusable - 1 gallon de-rusts approx 300 lbs of steel, or about 20 lbs of dry rust - disposable Non-acid, non-caustic, odor-free means no special handling or gloves required