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Upper North Building - N-4946

1500 Walter Avenue
Fremont, OH 43420

P: (419) 334-5886
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About Motion Controls Robotics

Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. (MCRI) is a FANUC Level 4 Certified Servicing integrator providing engineered to order automation solutions. We pay attention to our customers'' needs and deliver complete life cycle service. MCRI continues to develop technology and specialized applications to keep our North American manufacturing customers competitive. Look to MCRI for; material handling including robotic case packing, robotic palletizing, de-palletizing and machine tending, large scale end-of-line robotic packaging and handling systems, AGV systems closely integrated with robotics, and intelligent robotic systems using vision and force sensing. Industries we serve include; food & beverage; plastic injection molded and blow molded plastic containers and parts; building, construction and roofing materials; flat panel, board and sheet goods; general manufacturing and warehousing. Our services and technologies expertise include; multiple factory trained and FANUC authorized service personnel, simulation using the latest in robot simulation technology, intelligent robotic systems using vision and force sensing, end-of-arm tooling design, machine design, 3D system layout, large scale project design and integration, and project management of large scale automated material handling projects featuring robots, conveyor, stretchwrappers, banders, case sealers, tape inspection, empty pallet dispensers, sortation, load tracking. We provide FANUC factory authorized preventive maintenance service for FANUC robots. MCRI is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for cost effective, proven and reliable SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts. SmartCarts are the industry leader in this relatively new class of material handling equipment - low cost, yet flexible and capable automatic guided vehicles that follow a visible, rapidly installed and easily modified magnetic path. SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts (AGC) are a cost effective material delivery and take-away system for your robotic palletizing/unitizing system, or other robotic work cell. Its magnetic guide tape allows you to quickly install or modify the guidepath in a fraction of the time required to modify laser and inertial guided AGV systems. SmartCart AGCs are ideal for moving products on an assembly line or transporting goods throughout a plant or warehouse. Because they are automatic, reliable and durable, automatic guided carts provide consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small parts to heavy pallets. Staffing the MCRI Pack Expo booth; Tim Ellenberger – Vice President of Sales, Earl Raynal Jr – Sales Manager, and Roger O. Sorg II – Sales Engineer. An M410 / 140iB palletizing robot, along with case packing LR Mate and SmartCart Model 300CF will be featured in the booth. Video of different MCRI installations will run continuously. Bring your case packing, palletizing, machine tending, or material handling robotic automation project requirements to the MCRI booth to take the first step toward your next automation project.
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