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About Precision Automation Company, Inc.

The Arca Automation division of Precision Automation Company, Inc. is proud to offer the Arca line of pressure-sensitive labeling machinery to North America. From simple labeling machinery for the "end of the line" to more sophisticated systems in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, Arca Automation has a solution for your labeling needs. Backed by both Arca Etichette SPA of Milan, Italy and Precision Automation in Cherry Hill, NJ this team provides a complete product range which is successful in all segments of the self-adhesive market. Originally designed and manufactured in Italy, the line of proven labeling systems incorporate the latest technology for accurate label placement at rates up to 5,000 inches per minute.

Arca Automation utilizes the proven designs that Arca has developed in over 40 years of producing labeling machinery. The complete range of machines features a captivating and robust design, and employs advanced technologies that consistently yield successful results. Arca’s machines combine maximum operational simplicity with the traditional qualities of industrial strength, reliability, and competitive pricing. The labeling equipment is a natural fit with Precision Automation Company’s capabilities, resources, experience, and tradition of providing high quality automation systems, engineered machinery, and controls to improve productivity in our customer’s manufacturing and product handling processes. The Arca line of top performing pressure-sensitive labeling machinery includes: Label Applicators, Print & Apply Labeling Systems, and Complete Labeling Systems for applying up to four labels on a single product.

Be sure to ask about our ability to design and build custom systems as well. Our fully staffed engineering department, 45,000 sq. foot facility, and 70 years of experience enable us to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to customers in a wide-reaching variety of industries!

Product Categories (8)
  • FACILITIES EQUIPMENT, SYSTEMS, SUPPLIES & SERVICES > Engineering, Construction, Turnkey Projects
  • LABELING MACHINES (Product Identification, Decorating) > Dual Head Printing (Over / Under, Tandem) Labeling Machine
  • LABELING MACHINES (Product Identification, Decorating) > Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machine
  • LABELING MACHINES (Product Identification, Decorating) > Print and Apply Labeling Machine
  • LABELING MACHINES (Product Identification, Decorating) > RFID Encoding / Printing / Apply Machine
  • LABELING MACHINES (Product Identification, Decorating) > Tag Applying Machine
Sustainable Solution Description
We offer a LINERLESS Print and Apply Labeling solution that reduces waste and improves efficiency of the labeling process.

Vertical Markets (20)
  • Automotive
  • Baking & Snack
  • Beverage
  • Chemical Household
  • Confection/Candy
  • Cosmetics/Toiletries
  • Dairy
  • Electronics
  • Furniture/Fixtures
  • Grain/Mill/Cereal
  • Hardware/Tools
  • Meat/Poultry/Seafood
  • Other
  • Paper/Printing
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device
  • Prepared Foods
  • Produce/Fresh
  • Textiles/Apparel
  • Tobacco
  • Toys/Sports/Crafts
Languages Spoken at Booth (4)
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
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