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About Lighthouse Systems, Inc.

Lighthouse Systems is one of the world's leading developers of factory information systems known as manufacturing execution systems. MES is configurable software that helps manufacturing companies achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, output, compliance, quality and customer satisfaction. Implementing MES also greatly assists in the drive for LEAN manufacturing. Lighthouse’s MES solution called Shopfloor-Online targets the areas that even the most sophisticated enterprise resources planning systems (ERP) are incapable of addressing - the availability of consistent production data that's essential to pinpointing problems in your production processes, identifying opportunities, effecting change or meeting regulatory requirements e.g. traceability data. Shopfloor-Online MES provides real-time visibility of the entire manufacturing environment. Being web based, the information it collects can be accessed by anyone who needs it; the operator of a particular machine, a colleague on another part of the line or the shift manager. It also makes it available to support functions: production engineering, maintenance, engineering, quality and, of course, operational management. Shopfloor-Online is targeted at the Plant Operations layer in manufacturing systems, interacting with the ERP system and the plant equipment. According to the ISA-95 models, plant operations comprise Production Operations, Inventory Operations, Quality Operations and Maintenance (or Engineering) Operations. In each of these areas Shopfloor-Online has modules that provide specific functionality. The modules can be acquired in any order and used to build solutions to current problems. Perhaps you need to replace a Maintenance system or a Quality system? Perhaps you want to start simply by collecting downtime, OEE and other KPIs? You can take these modules and build solutions. Over time you can add more modules to expand functionality into broader areas. In your own time, at your own pace you can build to a complete MES. It could be completely based on Shopfloor-Online or Shopfloor-Online could co-exist with other systems that you have invested in.
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Shopfloor-Online - MES - Energy Module, Lighthouse Systems, Inc.

Shopfloor-Online - MES - Energy Module (Green Product)


Are you looking to better control energy usage on your plant? Do you need more detail on energy reporting? You can’t make savings if you don’t have the detail of where the costs are. Shopfloor-Online MES, by collecting readings from meters closer to the production processes gives you the information you need to see the opportunities for savings. Use the Energy Monitoring software module to monitor energy sources like electricity, gas, water, and steam.