Smart Packaging for Pharmaceutical Authentication and Patient Compliance

Wed. November 9| 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM |

Speaker: Matthew Bright, Senior Director, Product & Technical Marketing, Thin film Electronics Inc.

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This presentation will demonstrate how smart pharmaceutical packaging using sensors, NFC communications, and cloud-based services can help life sciences companies address both counterfeiting and patient adherence challenges.

There are crucial challenges being faced by the pharmaceutical industry today that can be addressed with some simple yet effective smart packaging techniques. Product authentication is a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry. Counterfeit drugs are a significant threat to the public's health and safety, as well as a threat to the global economy. The value of the counterfeit drug market is estimated to be $200 billion each year, and 10% to 30% of medicines sold in developing countries are fake. Authentication is useful not only to thwart counterfeiting but also when administrating medication. For dispensing equipment, authentication is critical to ensure each patient receives the correct medication and dosage.

Patient adherence is another substantial challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry. As much as half of all patients do not take their medication as prescribed. Poor adherence leads to poor medical outcomes, decreased quality of life, and higher hospitalization rates. The total potential savings due to improved medication adherence could be as much as $290 billion annually. Engaging with patients to help them understand medication benefits as well as potential complications is important to addressing the non-adherence problem.

In this session, participants will learn about smart pharmaceutical packaging options, implementing anti-counterfeiting techniques, and improving patient adherence.

Type: Pharma EXPO Conference